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Home Owner Client Reviews

The superintendents work hard to please us

“We worked with Nathan to come up with a plan to build. He was very knowledgeable and patient with us making adjustment to the plan. He also has an eye for elevation. We recently moved in our home in October of 2020 and we absolutely love the finished product. The superintendents work hard to please us and keep the project moving along.”

– John A.

Southernwood Homes did an amazing job!

Testimonial for Southernwood Homes“Southernwood Homes did an amazing job building our Custom Dream Home. Nathan Whitmire was wonderful to work with through the design process, architecture, and starting the build. He even took the time to see a few properties with us and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each and how they would work with our design. We were able to get a great piece of land that fits our home perfectly. After the foundation was poured and framing went up, Adam took over. He took care of the drywall, exterior finishes, roof, trim, and started the flooring and cabinets. We were able to fine tune the build as we worked with Adam adding things such as custom garage doors, brick on the patio, deck upgrades, and a custom front door. Finally, Wade finished up the project. 

He made sure the home was ready, the finishing touches were perfect, and we were happy with the product. Wade took care of the details and made sure the home was up to Southerwood Home’s Standards. The home was done on time for our move in date. As with all builds, especially one during a pandemic (march 2020-October 2020), we ran into some issues and delays. For example, the custom garage doors were ordered in August, but due to COVID 19 delays and shut downs, they did not arrive until November. The bank would not close until we had garage doors, so Southernwood Homes arranged for working temporary garage doors to be installed until our custom doors arrived. That way the bank was satisfied and we could close and move in. 

When our custom doors arrived, they simply arranged a day to come out and switch out the doors. Southernwood Homes went the extra step to make sure we were able to close on the date we needed and lock in our rate. Delays and issues are inevitable, It is a one of a kind custom home after all. Not one of the postage stamp homes you find in the type of neighborhoods going up everywhere. You know, where the exterior may be different, but there are only 2 or 3 floor plans inside. But, no matter what the issue, I could email, text or call Nathan, Adam, or Wade and get the issues fixed quickly and efficiently. They were always available to answer our questions or talk to me on site about the build, issues or concerns. That is what separates them from any other builder I have worked with. They take each build personally and strive to make each home perfect, and each client happy. My Heart Felt Thanks goes out to the team at Southerwood Homes, especially Nathan, Adam, and Wade, for building a beautiful, custom home for my family.”

– Timothy G.

Everything we wanted in our home

“Southernwood Homes built my wife and I a gorgeous home. Everything we wanted in our home was taken care of very professionally and on time. Since we have moved in, Wade has taken care of any small things that had to be installed or fixed in a timely manner. We love our home and look forward to spending many years in our gorgeous home. Thank you again to Wade and Southernwood Homes for giving us a gorgeous home.”

– Robert M.

Wade is very detail oriented and he pushed the project over the finish line

“We started our home building process by looking at nearly 20 different builders. We ended up going with Nathan and Southernwood Homes because we felt he would build the home we wanted. With so many of the other builders, we felt like we would get the home they wanted to build (their specs, not our specs). With Southernwood, we felt like they would build our home. We have been very happy with the build process with Southernwood Homes. At the beginning of the process Nathan took a lot of time (literally hours and hours) helping us fine tune our plan and getting the initial building process underway. Then Adam took over the process and did a great job managing the various trades. Wade is very detail oriented and he pushed the project over the finish line. As things came up during the build process (and thing will always come up with a custom build), Nathan, Adam and Wade were very responsive in working through things. We are very happy with our new home and we would highly recommend Southernwood Homes.”

– William S.

The quality of their work and their attention to detail thoroughly impressed us.

“We cannot recommend Nathan and the team at Southernwood Homes enough. They were incredibly professional and responsive throughout the entire process of building our home. We truly felt like their end goal was for us to love every part of our home, which feels rare in a field where most builders’ seem most concerned with their bottom line. They treated us well at every step of the way. The quality of their work and their attention to detail thoroughly impressed us. We have had several professionals, including our home inspector, fence company, and various technicians comment on how well the home was built or what a good reputation Southernwood has within the community. Nathan and his team have built our family a home that looks beautiful and feels safe, and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.”

– Amy S.

The whole process could not have gone any smoother

Testimonial for Southernwood Homes“Owner Nathan and the Southernwood Homes team did an outstanding job building our first custom home. My husband and I had never built a custom house from the ground up before, we had no idea we could even manage it. With Southernwood’s building expertise, we had nothing to worry about. Nathan was so patient with us and completely transparent throughout the entire process. He gave us valuable suggestions and cost effective alternatives when needed. The whole process could not have gone any smoother from start to finish. Nathan is reputable, dependable, honest, and affordable.”

– Lauren M.

His staff took our ideas and vision and built our dream home

“Nathan and his staff took our ideas and vision and built our dream home on our own land. We have been waiting to do this for over twenty years and it was a pleasure working with Nathan, Teresa and Adam. Southernwood Homes attention to detail, planning, and execution was what we were looking for in a custom home builder.”

– Jeff L.

My wife and I could not be happier

Home Owner Client Reviews“As part of our home owner client review, my wife and I could not be happier with our new home that was built by Southernwood Homes. Nathan and his highly skilled team are incredibly talented and professional.

We had a set budget that we were working with and Nathan was able to deliver our dream home by offering valuable and creative suggestions to build the home we wanted within our budget. Nathan and his team are willing and capable to build within all budget types. Nathan and his team are very accessible and responsive throughout the entire project.

If I had to pick one area in particular that my wife and I were impressed the most it would be transparency. We ALWAYS knew what was happening at all times, when it was happening, and what it would cost. We never had any unfortunate surprises in workmanship or cost. All change orders were accurately documented and we were provided a copy of every change we made.

To summarize, many people build a custom home and the process is miserable and the home owner and builder become enemies by the end of the project. In our case, not only were we beyond satisfied with the entire process and finished product, but we also developed strong, loyal friendships with Nathan, his family, and his staff.

We highly recommend Southernwood Homes!”

– Eric & Emily J.

His attention to quality and detail is unmatched

“My wife and I love our home. Nathan is, by far, the best builder in North Georgia. His attention to quality and detail is unmatched. He is easy to work with and really cares about his customers and the homes he builds. If I ever need to build another home, Nathan will be my builder again. I would never trust anyone other than Nathan and his team at Southernwood Homes.”

– Paul W.

My husband and I highly recommend Nathan and his team

“My husband and I highly recommend Nathan and his team. We love our custom home and could not be happier with the whole process of building and buying with Southernwood Homes!”

– Lori W.

My family and I are so pleased with our home and our home-building experience

“Prior to deciding to build rather than buy our 2nd home, we had a good deal of people telling us it was much easier and less expensive to buy rather than build. After talking with multiple builders in the North Georgia area, we had just about decided that is was impossible to build the size and quality of home were were hoping for in our price range. Southernwood was literally my last phone call before considering going back to the pre-built route.

I went into our first consultation with Nathan with my dream home in hand and said, “Well, this would be my ideal home, but…” Not only did Nathan give me hope that it could happen, but a few months later he and his team made it happen.

Every member of their team are not only knowledgeable professionals, but also kind and down-to-earth people. My family and I are so pleased with our home and our home-building experience. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Heather G.

We love our new home!

“Thank you Nathan and your team for making the custom home building process an easy one. We love our new home!”

– Blake & Rose C.

Homeowner Testimonials

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